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Company History          

Values and Ethics
In todayís world, all roads to a new economy leads to the entrepreneur. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Well, one definition would be that an entrepreneur is one who starts a business venture and does a good job of finding ways to make money. Another definition of an entrepreneur would be one who is not afraid to take risks, has a gift for thinking creatively and is highly organized and efficient at mulit-tasking. Given that entrepreneurs are becoming key in the growth of our nationís economy, to possess the first definition would make one fairly ordinary. To possess BOTH definitions would make one extraordinary. Roman Innovations, Inc. is striving to be extraordinary. As the job market moves toward the trend of recruiting more highly skilled, trained and educated people, one crucial element which will determine the success of an organization will be how creative their staff is. Creativity is the entrepreneurís best friend; ensuring fresh ideas and the development of ways to be provide excellent customer service in extremely efficient and productive ways. As the consumer demands greater efficiency and personalized customer service, todayís entrepreneur seeks to fill that demand and offers to provide that personalized service with attention to the detail of the work and the needs of the consumer. Roman Innovations, Inc. is that entrepreneur who is on the cutting edge of providing those services, striving to fill the needs of both the customer and other businesses who may require our professional services. Take the time to visit other areas on our site. You will find the various ways we are striving to be not only extremely successful entrepreneurs, but efficient providers of personalized customer service. We encourage you to contribute to our company blog and engage us on any topic you choose. For answers to questions or just to leave comments, feel free to email me directly at